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My name is Cody, nice to meet you!

My name is Cody, nice to meet you!

Few years ago, Microsoft, United Health Care and AT&T outsourced their teams globally. Within this timeframe was also my years in the corporate world where I coach employees and developed agents to be leaders.

Why am I sharing this? Just like you -- I love COACHING and INSPIRING others!

Year 2016 was when I decided to leave the corporate to start my own business but I wasn't lucky enough so I shifted gears and went to find another job but this time, through online.

I had several gigs in Upwork and gradually learned online marketing until I was hired as a Digital Marketing Manager for a Europe-based company which developed list building and Facebook targetting apps.

While I was enjoying my employment back then, I was still looking for something else that allows me to both use my passion in helping people and experience in digital marketing, specifically with social media marketing.

Fast forward 2018, I was able to have an opportunity working with business coaches and consulting firms.

While helping them out growing their audience, my sweet spot has been mainly with Facebook Groups and Community building; then, second is with Linkedin marketing.

So here I am, partnering up with professional coaches -- learning ropes of a coaching business while rescuing them from being drowned of unnecessary marketing workload as their social media strategist specializing in Facebook Group and LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Pick the brains of an Online Marketer and a Virtual Project Manager-in-one!

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