Let me share our Do-it-for-You Programs as we work and grow together as online business partners.

Viral Marketing

Grow your audience, build lists and boost brand awareness with the untapped viral marketing strategy of running viral contents and giveaways. Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveawayd if they invite their friends! Create a campaign bringing you a massive amount of leads – with little or no advertising needed!

Social Media Marketing

Whether your own clients are Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn users, we strategize together and we execute to enhance your online presence, raise your online profile and improve your influence through the use of social media. Share something of value to your target audience through the platform of your choice.

Email Marketing

Nurture your leads, share something of value or simply update your audience on your list your monthly or weekly newsletter. Tell stories through email that builds relationships to increase authority and placing you in front of your competitors leading you to consistent paying clients.

Business Management

My online business management service is tailor fitted to your what your business needs: whether you need lead generation as a startup, an increase of clientele or audience growth, or customer retention. Utilize my project management expertise to help you move your business forward while focusing your time and energy in other aspects of the business. 

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